Corporate Culture


  The emblem adopted the deformation design of Number “6”, reflecting enterprise name: China Railway Sixth Group.

  Ribbons, which are strong from the beginning but gradually changing, symbolize the rapid development and continuous prosperous trends of the group. Ribbons' orderly encirclement represents the sincere cooperation and solidarity of the group. Round ball, made up by three ribbons, conveys that the group is on its way of internationalization.

  The up-directional ribbons indicate that China Railway Sixth Group is in pursuit of excellence and prosperity. Main body of the design, made up by blue and golden yellow, with striking contrast and strong visual impact, is easy to identify and memorize.

  Enterprise Principle: Reflect the Value of Employees; Serve the society Sincerely and Devote to the Enterprise Development

  Enterprise Prospect: Make China Railway Sixth Group be in the lead of the construction industry, sino-foreign modern enterprise with outstanding core competitive power evident advantages,

  Enterprise Core value: Harmonious Development of the Enterprise and its staff

  Enterprise Aim Purpose: Embody staff value, Dedicate enterprise development, Sever society

  Enterprise Slogan: Personality foremost, Honest oriented

  Enterprise Brand: Head office: Combination of Head office logo and “China Railway Engineering Corporation”

  China Railway Sixth Group: Combination of Head office logo and “China Railway Engineering Corporation”, plus “China Railway Sixth Group”

  Enterprise Style: Efficiency, Creativity and Practicality

  Enterprise Spirit: Head office: Strive to Challenge Limits and Achieve Excellence

  China Railway Sixth Group: Honesty and Innovative; Go Beyond Self

  Enterprise philosophy: Win the Market by Faith Operation

  Management Philosophy: Exploit market, Manage Scientifically and Pursue Best Benefit

  HR Philosophy: Talent Is Fortune

  Learning Philosophy: Learning Determines Competence

  Security Philosophy: People Oriented; Concern and Care for Life

  Quality Philosophy: Aim to the Satisfaction of Our Consumers

  Environmental Philosophy: Construct Green Projects & Create Healthy Environment

  Disinterestedness Philosophy: Fair and Decency, Disinterested Behavior

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